Experience the outdoors like never before with the Kruca Camping Fan, equipped with comfort-enhancing features and innovative cooling technology.


  • Ultrasonic Insect Repellent: Keeps mosquitoes and bugs at bay for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • LED Mood Lantern: Provides ambient lighting, perfect for late-night activities at your campsite.
  • All-Terrain Tripod: Offers stability on any outdoor surface, ensuring your fan stays in place.
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 42 hours of operation on a single charge, making it ideal for prolonged trips.
  • Quiet yet Powerful: Offers low noise operation with significant wind output to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Recooler Bag: Features a 5-layer insulation bag that re-cools the neck cooler in 30-60 minutes, complete with two re-charger packs for convenience anywhere.

How to Use

Wind Speed Adjustment:

  • Press once: Level 1 (on)
  • Press twice: Level 2
  • Press three times: Level 3
  • Press four times: Level 4
  • Press five times: OFF

Timer Setting:

  • Press once: 1 hour
  • Press twice: 2 hours
  • Press three times: 3 hours
  • Press four times: 4 hours
  • Press five times: OFF

Insect Repellent and LED Brightness Adjustment:

  • Hold press: Insect repellent ON/OFF
  • Press once: Cool white 1
  • Press twice: Cool white 2
  • Press three times: Cool white 3
  • Press four times: Warm white 1
  • Press five times: Warm white 2
  • Press six times: Warm white 3

Charging Method:

  • Connect the C-Type cable to the main body to start charging. It takes about 11 hours to fully charge. The charging indicator will blink blue during charging and will stay lit when fully charged.

Tripod Connection Method:

  • Attach the tripod to the fan head by turning it clockwise. To detach, turn counterclockwise.

LED Handle Fixation:

  • Align the round protrusion on the main body with the slot on the handle to secure it. There is a locking mechanism inside the handle to protect the circuit, so forcing it to turn more than once may cause internal damage.

Safety Net Removal and Cleaning:

  • Grab the safety net and turn counterclockwise until it clicks to unlock. After cleaning, reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly.
  • The safety net is washable with water. Clean the main body with a dry cloth or moist wipe. Do not pull the fan blades. Ensure the fan is fully stopped before disassembling or cleaning.

Included Accessories:

  • Main body, Tripod, Bag, USB charging cable (C-Type), User manual
Product Specifications
  • Model : BFN701
  • Size : 205×131×393(mm)
  • Weight : 607g
  • Input : DC5V- 1A
  • Output : 6W
  • Usage time : 42h
  • Charging time : 7h
  • Battery capacity : 10,000mAh
  • Color : Khaki (one color)
  • Number : R-R-Bfl-BFN701
  • Battery number : YU101153-20004
  • Package : 217×135×255(mm) / 940g

Battery Performance

The synergistic effect of the large-capacity battery and high-efficiency motor maximizes battery performance, lasting up to 44 hours.


The anodized tripod supports the fan above any territorial condition. When you need to hang it up on the ceiling, use the handle for it.

Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning

The front grill of the fan can be easily detached. A damp tower is enough to clean the blades, and the grill can be washed with water.

LED Lantern

The LED lights are bright enough to light up your space. Two colors and three brightness settings are available.

Type-C Charging

With the type-c charging cable included in the package, your charging experience will become much easier. Any type-C cable works for Kruca.

More things than you expect!

In the box, the fan, aluminium tripod, type-c charging cable, sack back, and user manual are all included.

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