Dive into the fermentative power of the ELISHACOY Kombucha Gyeol-Biome Set, your all-in-one solution for balanced and revitalized skin.


  • Fermented Efficacy: Harnesses 506 hours fermented Kombucha extracts for enhanced skin vitality.
  • Gyeol-Biome Innovation: Advanced technology for smoothed skin texture and optimal pH balance.
  • Essential Nutrients: Infused with a 9 Amino Acid Complex for profound skin nourishment and hydration.
  • Vegan and Gentle: A clean formulation free from common irritants, suitable for the most delicate skin.
  • Instant Refreshment: Fine mist for a quick hydration boost and soothing sensation anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for:

  • Individuals with sensitive or acne-prone skin seeking a gentle yet potent skincare regimen.
  • Skincare enthusiasts in pursuit of natural fermentative benefits for skin health.
  • Anyone looking to incorporate vegan and pH-balancing products into their daily routine.

Key Ingredients

Jeju Kombucha, Synbiotics, 9 Amino Acid Complex

How to Use
  • STEP 1: Refresh with the Mist throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and soothed.
  • STEP 2: Apply the Ampoule after cleansing in the evening for an intensive nutrient-rich treatment.
  • STEP 3: Seal in the benefits overnight with the Sleeping Mask for deep rejuvenation as you rest.

California Proposition 65
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